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Get your modelling

results in hours not days

Run Flood Modeller, HEC-RAS, TUFLOW or SWMM simulations at lightning speed

When speed matters

Flood Cloud accelerates the running of large numbers of flood modelling simulations, providing results fast. Our pay as you go service enables you to instantly access unlimited computing resources, in the cloud, delivering the step change needed for better analysis and design.

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Automation is key

Flood Cloud is a fully automated solution that manages the entire process at the click of a button. It automatically uploads your data to the cloud, starts to run each simulation whilst providing real-time feedback on their progress and downloads the results straight to your computer.  

For greater analysis

Flood Cloud allows you to undertake greater analysis, enabling improved calibration, and a better understanding of uncertainty. It allows more options to be assessed, enabling better design and more effective flood defences.

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How it works

How it works



Build your models locally using Flood Modeller, TUFLOW, HEC-RAS or SWMM, incorporating the various scenarios, options and return periods that you would like to run.



Select the simulations you wish to run and at a click of a button they are all automatically uploaded to the cloud, with each simulation assigned to a dedicated machine. 



Run all your simulations at the same time and monitor their progress in real-time. Results are automatically downloaded to your computer once complete. 

Key Benefits

Key benefits


Access high performance hardware on-demand, allowing you to unlock the full potential of your software by running more concurrent simulations.


Don't be restricted to modelling single storm events. Run hundreds of scenarios at once to obtain greater analysis and confidence in your results.


Perfect for organisations with growing or fluctuating project demands. Simply scale up your processing capacity with a click of a button.


Accessible when you need it, at any time, from anywhere in the world - your projects can continue to run beyond your regular working day.


Hosted by Google Cloud, it is not prone to in-house IT challenges. It provides a secure platform, ensuring your data and personal details are safe.


Our flexible pay-as-you-go pricing structure makes it even easier for you to plan, manage and deliver your projects.

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Get in touch

Interested in Flood Cloud? Contact us and a member of our helpful and responsive team of experts will be on hand to answer any questions you may have about Flood Cloud. 

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