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Find the right package for your project

Our team are located across the world waiting to advise you on the most appropriate credit package for your business.

Flood Cloud is a pay as you go service which charges by the simulation minute. It uses a credit-based system allowing you to purchase your preferred package in advance - ensuring you keep within budget. Credits are purchased in packages.

5,000 credits
Selecting this package will give you 5,000 credits which is ideal for
smaller projects. 
0% discount applied
10,000 credits
Selecting this package will give you 10,000 credits to run large numbers of simulations in Flood Cloud. 
5% discount applied
20,000 credits
Selecting this package will give you 20,000 credits which is perfect for multi-user accounts.
10% discount applied


Receive a demo

Schedule an online Flood Cloud demo with one of our team and see for yourself how easy it is to instantly run all your simulations at once – providing results quicker and more cost-effectively than ever before.

We can set up your Flood Cloud account within a matter of minutes, allowing you to deliver your projects faster. Once you’re up and running, we issue an invoice which includes our 28 day payment terms.
As Flood Cloud uses a pay as you go system, the credits remain valid for two years. This allows you to use your balance across several projects, whether you’re running HEC-RAS, TUFLOW, SWMM or Flood Modeller.
Every Flood Cloud account includes access to our expert support services at no additional cost and our comprehensive user manual. Submit your questions by telephone, email or our online support system.
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Interested in Flood Cloud? Contact us and a member of our helpful and responsive team of experts will be on hand to answer any questions you may have about Flood Cloud.