Case studies

Hydraulic Design of Interstate Highway 35 at Waco Creek, USA

Flood Cloud was used to evaluate designs of hydraulic structures to develop an optimised solution for the Texas Department of Transportation. This resulted in 230 simulations being run in 2.5 hours compared to 600 hours. 


Keadby pumping station appraisal, England

Flood Cloud enabled more than 100 simulations to be completed in two days instead of 70 days. This significant saving enabled the modellers to build more precise models with better and more accurate calibration and investigate more scenarios to gain greater confidence in their design solution.


Newton Stewart flood defence scheme, Scotland

Flood Cloud enabled more than 300 Flood Modeller simulations (1D-2D linked model) to be completed in just a few hours. Processing time was reduced from 31 days to 2.5 hours, significantly reducing the programme and cut costs for the project.


Botany Bay Flood Risk Management Study, Australia

Flood Cloud enabled the Botany Bay project to run a range of design flood events for the updated flood study. 70 simulations were run in just 7 hours, providing simulation speed increases of between 75% and 98%.